Terms and conditions for Popup Blocker

License Agreement

Please read carefully!

1. General Terms
The following provisions govern the contractual relationship between the natural person Fabian Simon and its customers. Fabian Simon developer is regarded as the developer of the software. These Terms are valid for the services provided by Fabian Simon (referred to as “the developer” from now on) and the Popup Blocker software.

2. Scope of service
Services include the free use of the security / popup blocker software by the customer. This software is capable detecting popups and hinders them from opening. This will ultimately protect the user from any content loading in the popup. Both on a visual level and on a technical. This means that no harmful scripts can be loaded. The software does not constitute a warranty against protecting the user and his computer against all harms. Popup Blocker is a free application, nevertheless it tries to stay on the cutting edge of technology however, it is not obliged to. As the developer receives no compensation from the user for the services he has no obligation to provide additional services that are not absolutely necessary.

3. Rights of the developer, the obligations of the customers.
The Popup Blocker software, graphics or other data may not be reproduced and / or distributed, analyzed, decompiled, changed. without the consent written consent of the developer. This constitutes an interference with his rights. By installing the software further charges may apply. This may include: Internet connection costs or costs to third-party sites that offer fee-based goods and / or services. Through search and / or other access the consumer can access these sites. Contracts that are concluded in the usage make the the user and and the third party in the course of access of customers to a third party and to contractors. The developer is not responsible for third-party content. The customer confirms that the information provided by him under the contract conclusion and other contract relevant circumstances are complete and correct. Changes of the customer data are to be reported to the developer immediately. The developer may at any time request confirmation of customer data. In case of a contractual brake the developer is entitled to block the contractual services immediately.

4. Right of Withdrawal
The Cancelation terms can be found here
You can delete or uninstall the Browser Security easily. To uninstall the software will result in no further costs or other obligations. The use of the software is then no longer possible. The customer must bear the cost of returning the goods if they correspond with the ordered good or if the price of the item that is to return does not exceed an amount of 40,00 EUR, or if the customer has not compensated for the good in full or in parts at the point of returning. Otherwise, the return for the good is free of charge.

5. Contract Conclusion:
The developer may refuse an agreement without stating reasons. By activating the software, the user consents with the contract. The contract runs for an indefinite duration. The customer can use Popup Blocker for free after successful installation. A termination due to a plausible reason is possible at all times for both sides. The customer can cancel the installation process at any time by clicking „Cancel“ on the installation window or closing the browser window.

6. Liability, Warranty:
Popup Blocker is developed with the utmost care. The developer is only liable when the operation of Popup Blocker causes the following due to intent or gross negligence: damage due to disturbances, errors, incorrect transmitted data, delays, interruptions. This may occur in particular due to errors or defects in the electronic data transmission, or the use of equipment. This limitation results primarily from the necessity for speed and the consequent possibility of error. Popup Blocker is developed for private customers. Liability of the developer for damages or disadvantages arising from the intended use of the software are explicitly excluded.

7. Privacy:
Legal basis for the handling of personal customer data and their processing are regulated by the “Telemediengestz” (TMG), supplemented by the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) and the data protection laws of the respective countries. The customer agrees that personal customer information may be (inventory data pursuant to § 14 TMG) used for transaction processing and stored electronically. A transfer of customer data to third parties does not occur.

8. Severability:
Should individual provisions of the contract, including this regulations, be wholly or partially invalid, or should the contract contain a loophole, the validity of the remaining provisions will remain. Other parts of such provisions shall remain unaffected. The invalid or missing provisions, will then be replaced by the respective legal regulations.

Fabian Simon– State: 24.02.2017