Frequently asked questions

What is a Popup Blocker?

Our Popup Blocker is an Addon that prevents your web browser from opening a new annoying window on top of the content or web site you are viewing. The Addon also supresses unwanted advertisement windows on your screen. Therefore, you can enjoy your desired content without distractions.

How do I use the Popup Blocker?

Working with our Addon is easy and without obligations. Just install the Addon to your browser. Now you can start browsing the web as normally. If a website tries to open a Popup then the software will immediately prevent it from doing so. All of this happens in the background so that you won't even notice it. If you liked to see a certain Popup you can simply switch the Addon off, then no popups get blocked.

Why should I use a Popup Blocker?

You should use a Popup Blocker to avoid annoying advertisements that could pop up while your a browsing your favourite websites. Furthermore a Popup Blocker Addon is easy to install, to use and it will make browsing through the internet more secure and enjoyable for every user.

Why does using a Popup Blocker Addon make browsing more safe?

Many popups contain dangours content, either visually inappropiate material and also content that can harm your computer. A popup can normally load scripts and other maliciuos code that can harm your computer and steal your personal data. Therefore, you should always browse the web with a Popup Blocker activated.

Why are we better than other Popup Blocker?

Our algorithms are extremely sophisticated, can even detect the most aggressive types of popups. There is a large quantity of popups that are capable of surpassing normal blockers, but not ours.